Pearland Industries References

Pearland steel doors and frames meet or exceed all standards established by the following:

1. Steel Door Institute (SDI)

a. ANSI 115.1: Door and Hardware Preparation

b. ANSI A250.8/SDI-100: Manufacturing of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

c. ANSI A250.4: Physical Endurance

2. Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association (NAAMM Standard)

a. HMMA 802: Manufacturing of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

b. HMMA 810: Hollow Metal Doors

c. HMMA 820: Hollow Metal Frames

d. HMMA 830: Hardware Preparation and Location

e. HMMA 850: Fire-Rated Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

3. Life Safety Codes NFPA-101 (Latest Edition)

4. Fire Doors and Windows NFPA-80 (Latest Edition)

5. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., in Reference to Fire-Rated Metal Doors and Frames

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